Empire Of The Sun Announce New Album, ‘Ice On The Dune’, for 2103

Well holy shit. The stupidly over the top visually, but not actually that stupidly over the top musically Empire Of The Sun have announced that the follow up to their massive 2008 debut Walking On A Dream will be released this year.

Empire_press1_horiz.152318One of the biggest Australian collaborations of recent years, Empire Of The Sun were an overnight success. Their apocalyptic-electro-glam-rock struck a chord with audiences the world over, going double platinum in Australia, gold in the UK and peaking at number 18 on the US Billboard charts. Their ridonkulous stage show dominated festivals all over the world, the live action LSD trip featuring dancing fish, out of this world visuals and all sorts of special effects (Steele was once famously disappointed that he had to scale back his plans for the stage show when he found out they couldn’t afford the tiger or the elephant). And in 2013, they’re back. The new album was announced yesterday via a teaser video called Discovery:

It takes almost two and a half minutes until the viewer is treated to a tiny snippet of what we can assume is a new Empire Of The Sun track, and until we see Luke Steele looking suitably outrageous, resplendent in his trademark makeup and silly hat, and Nick Littlemore totally looking like Wolfmother’s Andrew Stockdale.

Following in their “Something on a Something” style of titling songs and albums, their new collection of material will be called Ice On The Dune, and if you’re lucky enough to be at South By Southwest this week you can hear the album in full at their preview party. For the rest of us plebs. the album will land globally in June. Not doubt we’ll have a bombastic new live show to go with it. Maybe Steele will even get his tiger this time.



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