Death Grips Call It A Day

Death Grips

Sad news for the hip-hop world today as experimental rap pioneers Death Grips have announced that they have decided to call it a day.

The group made the announcement via a Facebook photo of a handwritten note on a paper napkin informing fans of the news. As a result, all future live shows have been cancelled. However, the outfit has maintained that they still will be releasing the second half of their upcoming double album the powers that b. later this year which is the follow up to the first half of the album that was released last month online.

The trio, which featured MC Ride, producer Flatlander and drummer Zach Hill, formed in 2010 and gained quick notoriety for their blend of punk, industrial and hip-hop music. Their breakthrough mix tape Exmilitary in 2011 gave the group an underground cult following, and was quickly followed by LP’s The Money Store and No Love Deep Web in 2012. By the time Government Plates was released late last year, Death Grips were an influential benchmark on the hip-hop scene.

Death Grips stated that the reason for the spilt was due to reaching their creative peak and that they have accomplished the creative objectives of the project.

In their own words, Death Grips has always been “a conceptual art exhibition anchored by sound and vision. Above and beyond a “band”.

Whether or not this is real reason for the spilt is dubious. The band had several prominent live performances scheduled including an appearance at the Fun Fun Fun Festival in Austin, Texas. Cancelling such shows due a belief that the project has reached creative limits is an abrasively rash attitude to take towards their fans.

Nevertheless, the group were hip-hop innovators for their chaotic sound, purely independent regime and their wild and anarchic behaviour. Death Grips undoubtedly left their mark on the wider music community and they will be missed.

Alex Capper


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