cln Remix of Kanye West Track

You don’t mess with Kanye West, and definitely not with his music. Unless of course you have a damned good sense of music yourself or are inspired by Yeezus enough to pull off a smooth remix that runs the risk of being a tad awesome-r than the original. That’s pretty much what Australian producer cln (Callan Alexander) has done with the opening song ‘Ultralight Beam’ from Wests’ new album The Life of Pablo.

The remix feels like an effortless transformation of the gospel inspired original into a lighter, easygoing single, with more percussion play and filtered vocals that effectively emphasize the high and mighty Yeezy words “Nobody else speak”.

In the words of cln, “I will always see Kanye as someone who worked extremely hard to reach his goals. He didn’t have instant success. He put in a lot of effort behind the scenes for years before he became famous for his own art. I find his story very inspirational, and I think The Life Of Pablo is an excellent record. I decided to put my own take on ‘Ultralight Beam’ because it’s my favourite song on the album. Chance ties it all together very well.”

We think Mr West will approve cln. Download the track here.


Aparna Rao


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