Circus Oz: Twenty Sixteen

Every year our pals at Circus Oz hit up the Vulture office to come along to their yearly shows at Birrarung Marr. Every year we are completely over-awed at the spectacular extravaganza put on for us.

It’s just so darn radical to see performers who transform their on stage role in an instant from acrobat to musician and back again. Seriously, the team that Circus Oz have assembled are multi talents legends who obviously love their craft and hone their skills to an extent which means they are legit masters.

Two hours of flat out entertainment meant that the Vulture was never bored or left clock watching. This is Australian made, and we’re damn proud of it.


There were stunts that literally made us drop our choc-tops. Not everything went to plan and a couple of times there were small slip ups but instead of losing the audience, it only served to engage further. It was endearing to see that the performers were human, capable to making mistake but then also having the stomach to try stunts again…AND NAIL THEM!

We have no idea how many hours these folks practice with each other but by gosh they have some chemistry. Throw in some humour to connect all the scenes and you’ve got yourself one hellava night of entertainment.

For more information go to and support some performers who not only need your support, but deserve it too!



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