Buzzcocks are Buzzin’ for Sideshows

Not just anyone can say that their claim to fame is being one of the original birth bands of the punk movement. But the Buzzcocks can. Under the influence of the original poster kids for punk, Sex Pistols, the Buzzcocks formed at a time when the music scene had yet to experience sheer energetic-electric guitar riffs and sex-driven lyrics. Enter: Buzzcocks.

buzzcocks01Dig It Up! The Hoodoo Gurus Invitational has invited the Buzzcocks to Australia for this year’s round of national shows alongside other headliners, Blue Oyster Cult, The Stems, Flamin’ Groovies and of course the namesake, The Hoodoo Gurus. But this line up of gigs was just not enough for the punk rockers. They just HAD to throw a bunch of sideshows in for the peasants. Oh THANK YOU, Buzzcocks, THANK YOU. We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! We’re scum, we suck!

The Buzzcocks first jumped onto the scene in 1976 after meeting at university, and forming after a call out from original member Howard Devoto. Enduring Buzzcocker, Peter Shelley responded, and together they formed the Buzzcock fetus. Soon after, they headed to London to check out a Sex Pistols concert, and in their excitement, invited the Pistols back to Manchester to play. Devoto and Shelley recruited founding members, John Maher and Steve Diggle, and on the Pistols second gig, played support to the punk messiahs. Since this historic Pistols/Buzzcocks snapshot, the band has experienced many ups and downs; break ups, make ups, line-up changes, the works. But alas, with change and challenge comes growth, and today the band is happily settled with members since 76 in Shelley and Diggle, and since 2008 in Chris Remmington and Danny Farrant. And even though they have had a tumultuous upbringing, they were still considered influential enough that in 1996, Britain named a music quiz comedy show after them and the Sex Pistols, ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’.

BuzzcocksWith more punk experience under their belts than some of us have had years on this planet, and 8 solid studio albums to boot, the mighty, mighty Buzzcocks have more than enough right to demand a sold out sideshow leg of their journey to our convict land. Surround that shit like a Vulture on a sexy backpacker.

Buzzcock Sideshows
Thursday 18th April 2013: Perth, Rosemount Hotel
Saturday 20th April 2013: Brisbane, The Zoo
Wednesday 24th April 2013: Adelaide, Fowlers Live!
Dig It Up!
Sunday 21st April 2013: Sydney, Dig It Up!
Thursday 25th April 2013: Melbourne, Dig It Up!

Michelle Pitiris


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