Best Dot Com Destinations

We all love to surf the Internet.

If you don’t love to surf the Internet you’re either not aware of the potential the world wide web has to offer, or you’ve got no internet/dial up. If you’re in the latter category we feel your pain. You’ll know this sound all too well. (DIAL UP INTERNET SOUND)

Here at Vulture Magazine we’d be lying if we said we used 100% of worktime for work related tasks. Hell, we’d be lying if we said we even used 50% for work…Actually let’s stop there before anyone gets fired.

But you get the picture. In short, the Internet was built for doing stuff when you should be doing something else. Also known as procrastination. Which led us to ask the question…What are the 3 best things to do on the net while you should be doing something else? Well, brace yourselves. Your mind is about to be blown

The Lad Bible 

The name says half of it. Yes, there is a big chunk of stuff for the fellas here but equally as much for the ladies. It’s not often that a website can appeal to the elusive 16-29 age bracket for BOTH sexes but STREWTH, they’ve bloody done it. You understand what we mean


You’d be surprised just how much sensible fun you can have at an online casino. Heck, we reckon it’s more fun that than traveling to your local casino. Everyone has a few lucky numbers they like to use. Plus, it’s a tidy little way to earn yourself a few extra bucks. We don’t condone excessive gambling in the slightest here at Vulture Magazine but as long as it’s not hurting anyone and you’re in control then we see no harm in it at all. Similar to enjoying a few alcoholic beverages! So next time you’re looking to do something else other than what you should be doing, why not test your luck at an online casino. It’s like going to Vegas without the long haul flight!

Google Yourself

Let’s not beat around the bush. We all wanna see what is on the internet about ourselves. There are a zillion reasons why you’d be keen to know what sort of good/bad stuff there is about you out there for anyone to see. Before the rise of the www it was very hard to trash anyone, except if you were a media mogul. Fast forward to today and it couldn’t be easier. Not to suggest that anyone start getting nasty online about anyone, but let’s be honest…It happens.

Here are a few steps to follow.

  1. Go to
  2. Type in your name
  3. Laugh/Cry

Pretty simple really.

So whether you’ve got something to be doing on the Internet, or you’ve got nothing better to do there is ALWAYS something to steer you. But don’t let us tell you what to do. The idea of surfing the net it that you do it at your own pace. So, go. Be free. And make sure you don’t end up on any websites that might get you in trouble.

If you do, you can always delete your browsing history 😉



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