Beating Boredom: Simple Ways to Entertain Yourself Online

Do you have a lot of free time on your hands? Internet has given us a multitude of options to spend it. Let’s check some of them out together.

With the 24/7 Internet access people are having today, it seems like there is no place for boredom in our life. You have all the world information at your fingertips and you can literally do anything. But that seems to be true – the more options you have the more frustration you might feel. Here are some useful websites to visit when you have some free time to spend.

Educate Yourself

Are you feeling intimidated by the number of things you don’t know? Try hitting some random topics on Wikipedia. Go to the main Wikipedia page, find the Random Article link at the top left bar and welcome to the into the rabbit hole! While writing this article we randomly decided to browse the site and stumbled upon the info about Graham Appo – an Australian former rugby league football player. And what did you get to learn?

Make Plans and Look for Events

No need to brush through newspapers and magazines to find out about the upcoming events in your area. All you have to do is go to Shtoor website and here you have – all the concerts, museum exhibitions and auctions on one page.

The Shtoor service is not only the cool way to plan your leisure on daily basis. Offering wide range of cities to look through, it makes some good vacation planner. Look through the events at the city of your dreams – maybe something would inspire you and you will finally get those tickets?

Gamble – for Fun or Real Money

Online slots and table games have become extremely popular among venturesome people all over the world. And Australia is probably the top gambling country ever – so you can join the party! Websites like Casinomonster Australia and others will help you choose casino and the game. You can pay virtual money if you are not feeling like spending real money – those slots will keep your entertained for hours.

Research World News

Yes – news! People seem to be way too busy nowadays to learn what is happening in the world. But don’t you think being familiar with the latest events is what every citizen should do? Go to ABC News website and look through the headlines – you will surely find something to read about. Scientists say that knowing the latest news helps us to cope with stress coming from the uncertainty of our lives, so read and be happy.

Go Shopping

Great antidepressant and fun way to kill some time, online shopping is a bliss! If you are looking for international designers and incredibly fast shipping, you can visit The ICONIC website. It has both men and women stock and free 100 day returns in case any trouble.

Boohoo is another cool online shopping site that specializes in fun, affordable fashion. If you like to look edgy on a budget and would love to use some students discount (yes, some sites really do this), be sure to check it out.

Surely, there are 99 other ways to entertain yourself while having unlimited Internet access, but now you have something to start with!



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