Amy: The Girl Behind The Name

A jazz singer of our generation.
A smile bigger than Big Ben.
A life taken far too soon.

Amy Winehouse was one of the biggest artists of the 21st century. The fact we even have to use past tense absolutely destroys us, but what she has left behind is her incredible musical legacy.

Amy is a documentary revealing unseen archived footage of Winehouse’s journey right from the very start. We’re talking at the point where she decided to even pursue music. As if there was any other option. Winehouse was destined to bring the world music.

This doco is from Winehouse’s perspective and allowed us to really learn and understand the troubles she endured. Right from the get-go, we were entranced by how raw and candid Winehouse was. We knew she was super chill and down-to-Earth, but seeing her on the big screen in her natural state was quite confronting.

Winehouse’s love for jazz music is so prevalent in this doco and really influenced her 2003 debut album Frank. We gotta be honest, we didn’t really know much about any of her earlier music and we figured we weren’t alone. But after seeing Amy, we have now gone back and tracked it down. Do yourself a favour.

amy doco poster

The lyrical content of Winehouse’s songs is a reflection of her true-life events and to see them come off the paper and put into context was astounding. The fact that she said early on that she wouldn’t even be able to handle the fame, brought us deep-seeded chills to the bone.

It was also interesting to hear how highly colleagues and friends spoke of her as an artist, but how concerned they were for her well-being. It wasn’t until her 2006 follow-up album Back To Black put Winehouse on the international stage, where her life began to spiral downwards, and we have to say, it was really hard to watch and digest.

We here at Vulture are true fans of Miss Winehouse and to see how intensely and quickly her life changed in the moments leading up to her death, will haunt us for a very long time to come.

Asif Kapadia directed this doco and did such a beautiful job at celebrating the memory of the world’s beloved singer-songwriter.

Wherever you are around Australia, get to your nearest cinema, bring some tissues and get ready to go on a musical journey like no other.

Rest in peace Amy Winehouse. We miss you.

Kara Bertoncini


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