Album Review: The Amity Affliction’s This Could Be Heartbreak

The Queensland metal-core masters The Amity Affliction are back with their fifth album This Could Be Heartbreak to be released August 12. Synth-soaked tracks and lyrical masterpieces dominate the album, showing the Amity boys have an ability to provide a definitive yet ever-evolving sound, tying in new fans while still catering to the old.

Amity admirers were left in some serious suspense after ‘I Bring The Weather with Me’ debuted in May with a powerfully emotional clip. This was followed on in July with the second track, titled after the album, ‘This Could Be Heartbreak’. The clip continues on from ‘I Bring the Weather With Me’, showing the Amity boys in a distraught state as their friend and fellow band member, Ahren Stringer is buried alive. This clip is sure to get any claustrophobic’s anxiety racing.

Moving onto the third tune ‘Nightmare’ and the sound gets more melodic. Joel Birch chimes in with his harmonious vocals and highly personal lyrics that stem from his life struggles, before the rest of the band bring the song into the heavier side of things with a classic Amity breakdown.

‘Tearing Me Apart’ will please traditional fans especially with its raw emotion standing as a reminder of Amity’s Severed Ties album. Melodious lead guitar kicks in for the next track ‘O.M.G.I.M.Y’ before transferring into a softer sound for the sixth song off the record ‘All Fucked Up’.

One of the heavier songs of the album, ‘Fight My Regret’, changes the tone by beginning with a classic metal guitar sound and heavy vocals from Stringer. Track eight, appropriately titled ‘Some Friends’, is set to become a repeated favourite for anyone dealing with friend issues or anyone who is simply keen to get down to that killer breakdown.

Getting to ‘Wishbone’ and the album starts to show the combination of anger and frustration in Stringer’s growls complimented by the despair and innocence in Birch’s vocals, creating an emotionally captivating tune. You’ll be sure to have this song on repeat at one point or another. Closing in on the end of the album and the tone becomes more energetic with ‘Note To Self’, another Amity classic.

The boy’s fifth album finishes off with a ripper, ‘Blood In My Mouth’. The whole tune has an 80s video game sound to it. Heavy vocals and synths introduce the song before breaking into one of Birch’s characteristic melodic choruses. This album is definitely one that will be best heard live.

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