Album Review: Stonefield’s As Above, So Below

The rock world cruelly lacks of feminine touch. If you agree with the previous statement, you’ll be happy to know that Victorian band Stonefield is ready to bring its glam-rock back to our ears. After provoking a bit of noise around themselves with their acclaimed self-tilted debut album in 2013, and participating in huge festivals such as Glastonbury, the sisters Amy, Hannah, Sarah and Holly Findlay are returning with their brand new second record As Above, So Below.

The 10-track album drives you into a musical patchwork. Genres are melting within each other giving the impression that the record might have been recorded at different times and places. There are no rules or boundaries with this creation. From the country home studio where they wrote the songs to the collaborative process, the DIY aspect of the album makes it even more interesting.

The album begins with a grungy but clean track ‘Sister’ on which singer Amy gives her full voice with long held vocal lines. The girls are staying in a similar universe for the second tune ‘Dream’ before switching to a more psychedelic universe with their single ‘Change’.

The accent on the melodies with still a guitar-heavy base for ‘Stranger’, ‘Love’, ‘Higher’ and ‘Eyes’ are a perfect balance for these powerful rock tracks. Towards the end, ‘Midnight’ appears like the ideal ballad. Amy shows a different side of her vocal abilities with a softer tone and a touching fragility.

The final track ‘Eagle’ takes us to a dreamy place with lots of echoes and reverb. At the end, the song takes us back to where we started with some resonating grungy guitar lines. No doubt about it, these kick-ass babes are here to make some noise and this second album is proving it. We are definitely looking forward to seeing how they will present it on stage. Mosh-pit times are on.

Matea Pichet


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