Album Review: Lëura’s Creature Of Sight

The thing about being a twenty first century lady is the lack of CD players, which became very apparent when given the CD Creature of Sight by Lëura. Driving around, utilising the only CD player available, meant short quick notes jotted down at intermediate traffic stops.

Regardless Lëura made us feel quite majestic driving around. It’s all about that echoing guitar, haunting lyrics that crescendo with crashing symbols to create an enduring slow rock. The album artwork alone gives it instance cred, a professionalism that continues onto the actual sounds of the CD.

After the intro track ‘Into The East’, which launches off the tone of the somewhat spine-chilling sounding acoustics, the album launches into an epic seven minute crescendo that feels like, at least in their live performances, it should defiantly be accompanied by some smoke machines as the band rise from the depths of the stage. Very poignant and kinda chilling.

An Aussie songstress voice with a slow rock vibe. It’s like Foals had a baby with MS MR. Sombre chords and melancholy mysterious lyrics really give you those feels, ya feel?

Acoustic quality is demonstrated in ‘Shallows’, but there exists a transience not typical of a regular stripped down guitar and melody. The prominent female vocalist’s echoed strains are perfect reflection of the lonely guitar.

We don’t even know what she is saying, but that big crescendo on ‘Drifter’ but that big crescendo is enough to make anyone emotional.

The use of distortion in ‘E Cosi’ gives it all the trimmings of upgraded ballad, a tale of grim and woe that foreshadows a warning to the subject of the piece. This album is able to bridge together the classical conventional pieces of indie rock, but inject in it a uncanny twinge that gives it an individual and distinctive sound.

It’s not heavy on the amount of instruments, but what the minimalist arrangement brings is a rich sound.

Pia Fruin


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