Album Review: Itch’s The Deep End

Released by Red Bull Records in March 2014, The Deep End reveals the unique rap sounds of Itch, former lead singer of punk band The King Blues.

Hailing from London, England this down to earth rocker has completely changed the way new-school rap and hip-hop is perceived.

From start to finish, this record is an amalgamation of genres that you wouldn’t necessarily think blend well together, but in fact somehow do. Having spent most of his career making punk-rock music, there is no wonder it had such a strong influence throughout The Deep End.

The fusions of classic British rap vocals with rock beats and instrumentations work really well and create a cohesive flow. As the album progresses it becomes quite apparent that Itch is forging a new sound that will translate to a wide audience around the world.

Enlisting the genius of renowned producer John Feldmann, the 12-track record sees Itch collaborating with various artists including Adam Lazzara, Matisyahu, Megan Joy, Roger Manganelli and BC Jean.

Itch and Joy found success in Australia mid last year with their quirky track ‘Another Man’, and in August it peaked at number eight on the Australian iTunes chart. This is a playful song that captures Joy’s pop sounds and the raspy tones of Itch’s raps.

The chilled out summer vibes of ‘Laugh’ is sure to have you singing along and the catchy chorus sung by Matisyahu is a resounding call about feeling good. This is sure to be the next radio hit for Itch, so keep an ear out for it this summer.

Itch’s powerful lyrics are best demonstrated in two tracks: ‘The Bottom Of A Glass’ and ‘Not My Revolution’. The first is without a doubt the anthem of the record as it speaks to those who are troubled by their past behaviours and tormented relationships.

Itch speaks from the heart both on this track as well as on ‘Not My Revolution’. This ballad is almost like a diary entry into the life of Itch growing up on the streets and how music saved him. The hauntingly beautiful chorus by BC Jean compliments the lamentations Itch raps about and leaves a lasting impression.

The passion Itch has for his music is evident in his lyrics and vocals and there is no doubt his artistry will take on new heights this year. Be sure to purchase your copy of The Deep End from iTunes now and discover how good the fusion of rock and hip-hop really is.

Kara Bertoncini


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