Album Review: Broods’ Evergreen


Sibling duo, Georgia and Caleb Nott are looking to light even more Kiwi fire under the asses of the music world. 2014 has been very kind to Broods. Their self-titled EP was well received when it was released in January plus a few popular singles have amped up the buzz and they’ve finally dropped their first LP, Evergreen.

There are two tracks taken from the EP that are on Evergreen. ‘Bridges’, a pretty yet sad song about a relationship break up finds Georgia admitting in the first lines “Gave you a minute, when you needed an hour”. The song opens with Georgia’s excellent vocals over the top of some piano that evolves into a synthy chorus, recalling Purity Ring but a little more accessible.

‘Never Gonna Change’ which also made an appearance off their self-titled EP, is another mournful song with “But we’re still tugging on each other, and tearing up the fraying loose ends”. Emotion is heavy on Evergreen, as prevalent as the nice co-written lyrics and deep production work courtesy of Caleb and Joel Little, the producer behind Lorde’s music.

‘Sober’, yet another ambient track with a down-beat feeling to it has poignant opening lyrics. “I am sober, lying in my bed, recreating you inside my head”. The general atmosphere of the album isn’t exactly in one mode, but the wistful love aspect of the writing doesn’t overburden everything. The technical aspects of Evergreen is great and Broods are very talented individuals.

‘L.A.F.’ opens with a driving beat and hand-claps and explodes with a great exuberant chorus but once again the lyrics betray the true emotions. As much as Georgia sings that she’s got you, she’s cautious. “And I’ll never wanna be the one you forget”.

The more mellow moments on the album frequently are the most memorable – bar the lead single ‘Mother and Father’ which again clashes the sadder lyrics with the more positive sound, an interesting combination that pays off for them on the most part. ‘Medicine’ is definitely one of the best cuts off Evergreen; a mournful tune with heart-breaking vocals, melodies and low-key deep background noise all works wonderfully. The trio of Little and the Nott siblings work well together and they’ve put together a selection of some really good tracks that showcase their alternative pop stylings.

Evergreen doesn’t have the same mainstream appeal of “you know who” but at the same time doesn’t matter. This is an album and a group that works very well on a lot of different levels. As much as the production and instrumentation on this album are very very solid, Georgia’s voice is the stand-out by far. This is a great little album. It might not exactly blow the world up but now Broods has tackled their first LP, it’s only up from here. Don’t be surprised if you see this album end up on some end of the year lists, it is easily something you can play over and over again.

Josh Brooks


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