Album Review: BROODS’ Conscious

Over the last couple of months there’s a decent chance you’ve caught yourself bringing out the falsetto at least once, serenading some stranger on the bus with a killer rendition of ‘Free’. Now, BROODS are ready to follow up one of 2016’s most addictive tunes with their second full length album; Conscious.

Conscious is impressive. It’s a combination of the sultry tones we now know and love, Georgia Nott’s dreamy vocals, and a truly satisfying bass line. It’s an album that invites you settle in and listen from beginning to end. This is perhaps its greatest strength. It takes the listener up to dreamy heights with songs like ‘Heartlines’ and ‘Couldn’t Believe’, then down into the valley for the heavier, more industrial tracks. ‘Hold the Line’ and ‘Free’ could make most Trent Reznor fans feel at home.

For BROODS, Conscious is a step forward to a more diverse, edgier sound. It’s an album that get’s you involved in the journey, and leaves you feeling like the last hour of your life was spent sharing an experience, as opposed to killing time on the treadmill or procrastinating on that essay. It’s an album that’s sure to win some new fans, and keep the old ones smiling. Give it a shot, it’s time well spent.

Seth Robinson


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