A Detailed Guide To All Things Gambling In New Zealand

New Zealand is a remarkable country. Did you know that more species of penguins live there than in any other location in the world? Facts like that attract dozens upon thousands of tourists to the Green Continent every year. But penguins can’t make it fun for locals to love there. Gambling, on the other hand, can.

There is a total of six casinos in New Zealand: Dunedin, Christchurch and for SKYCITY casinos in Auckland, Hamilton, Wharf as well as Queenstown. Pokies of all shapes and sizes, on the other hand, are scattered all across the land in hotels and pubs. All of the bets are heavily regulated by the government and monopolized by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Online casino NZ services, while not completely legal, operate out the area of New Zealand’s control and regulations. Citizens are not forbidden to play there; it’s just not OK for online casinos to host their servers and companies on the Green Continent.


Back in 1920 bookmaking was declared as an illegal activity in New Zealand. But as the Totalizator Agency Board (TAB) was introduced in 1961 betting on the outcome of races was back on track, but monopolized and controlled as well meaning bettors had to share a portion of their wins as tax money.


December of 1877 was the birth month of the first known “Art Union”, a lottery conducted by the Otago Art Society. The whole purpose of the event was to raise additional funds.

National Lotteries were later on embraced and accepted by the government as a swell mean of raising quick cash in 1933. The artistic name stuck on though and the lotteries remained Art Unions. The early prizes were rather small: 400 $2 prizes, a handful of $ 20 wins and a total jackpot of $2.000.

TAB is now in control over this activity as well and the winning pools have skyrocketed, although they are still not as juicy of a treat most online casino sites offer.

The Pokies

Slot machines were originally introduced in 1987. A lot of them are operated by charity foundations today and these machines are commonly found at pubs or hotels. All of the jackpots are heavily regulated meaning that nearly $10 billion USD in annual victories is taxed and indexed. The government earns $1 billion and the players are left with the rest.

Online VS Offline

Players from New Zealand are constantly tempted with offers from online casinos and they have a valid reason – no additional tax extraction. If you win, you get the whole piece. This is the core reason to why digital gaming is evolving and maturing in New Zealand.




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