A chat with Glasvegas at Storsjöyran

Vulture Magazine has journeyed abroad to the pretty little music festival “Storjoyran” by the lake in Ostersund, SWEDEN. After a comical and humbling chat with headliners Glasvegas we are getting pumped for the festivities that have already started.

The band was jovial in their demeanour, which set the tone for an interesting insight into the world of these Scottish rockstars. When posed with the question from Vulture Magazine about what the experience of performing is like for them; front man James Allen told of the dichotomy between the humbled feelings he gets when expressing his thoughts and personality to an audience genuinely there to listen and in true Rockstar form the assurance he has “always knowing he was the best” and that it comes naturally.

There were talks of the bands past, its present and its future. James Allen delving into stories of his childhood and the negativity in his community associated with wanting to play music, as well as tales of his first performance; playing a less than perfect cover of Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’ exclusively for his mother. Mum’s approval is something that still seems strong amongst both James and Rab expressing that there are no words to describe how important a figure she is in their lives.

Presently they seem particularly psyched for tonight’s performance, being the closest they have played to the home of their northern Swedish drummer Jonna Löfgren. Jonna who was recruited to the band in late 2010 to replace previous drummer Caroline McKay, is humbly described by the Glasvegas management as the best female drummer in the world insisting that her recruitment was a decision based on skill and a comical coincidence to the two specific request giving by Rab in what he was looking for in a drummer, female and Swedish.

The future holds more lives shows throughout the continent across the rest of the European summer and the release of their third album towards the European Spring of next year, something we have been told we will get a taste of later tonight. The band were careful not to give too much away about the pending release but described it as having a more ‘Jaggy’ guitar sound by James Allen and lyrically coming from a personal place.

To say we are excited about the up coming show and the rest of the festival would be a massive understatement. Stay posted for the Vulture highlights, lowlights and the rest of the Swedish festival experience.

Andy O


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