5 Tracks You Gotta Hear: World’s Best New Music, August 6

An offering comes to us in the form of new-wave funk predicated by off-beat layering and spoken word rapping thanks to new kid on the hip hop block, Gensis Owusu. Owusu penned and raps ‘Goondocks// CB R ZOO’ and the track is lyrically strong and has sophisticated production.

Unassuming and well-rounded acoustic folk-cavorter, Laurence, based in Melbourne has slowly made a rise to the indie scene of late and his pure your-mate-next-door stylings are what keep the listener intrigued. ‘Happy Town’ is a delusional combination of desperately sad stories and poppy upbeat notes.

A bit like a more nuanced Lana Del Rey, Laurel has a soft yet vocally powerful presence in all of her tracks and ‘Blue Blood’ is a fantastic example of this. The track has a powerful choral-like mastering with voice-over effects to give it an interesting edge.

Chilled out, rough and folk with undertones of punk Asha Jefferies is making fun, catchy tracks with fantastic harmonies that would make the tween swoon. For 16, her songs seem seasoned and insightful, but then you hear the melody resonate around the phrase ‘kiss my ass’ and the track becomes well-grounded.

Rowdy pub, post-punk rockers Royal Headache have decided to calibrate a non-stop riffs-blaring track in the form of a new track called ‘Another World.’ The track is a-typically Northern rock with Clash-like vocal performances and happy-go-lucky demeanors.

Jemma Nott


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