5 Tracks You Gotta Hear: World’s Best New Music, April 9

Pertinent to current affairs, Lucky Luke has been doing well on the Triple J rounds of late. His most popular track on the broadcasting push is not even his best, now that’s saying something. ‘Send me to my grave’ is one of his lesser known songs, but was released around the same time. The track is a true, visceral depiction of being taken away from homeland and being an indigenous person displaced in a rightfully indigenous country. Contextually powerful and the epithetic African slave music style is extremely apt.

Dreamly and cloud-like, indie producer asdasfr bawd or Alex Clayton from Melbourne has recently released a picturesque track called ‘Nobody.’ The track is fast-paced and rhythmic, defying just enough conventions to keep an indie listener involved and bopping along.

Boppy-rock skeeters and loco beach-rock makers, Fickle Friends have recently released a new track, ‘Could Be Wrong’. This song is so uplifting, it would make Noel Gallagher seem friendly. The overlaying of cool drum beats and tambourines make it seem like beach pop that could rival Lime Cordiale.

Extremely fresh to the scene, Gary is a singer who can be found lurking around Surry Hills in Sydney. Gary has recently a new track called ‘Cog.’ The mysterious and ultimately experimental music style suits their anonymous character profile. That voice is hard to deny though, and has a Daniel Johnston-like enrapturing quality.

We’ve featured JOY on our track lists before but she’s worth a second mention after her slow rising climb further into the public consciousness. She’s released a new track called ‘Weather’ and a video to boot which is super ethereal and moody.


Jemma Nott


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