5 Tracks You Gotta Hear: The World’s Best New Music, March 27

Alana Hicks is a sophisticated addition to the indie-rap scene from Sydney. Her songs are based on spoken-word collections, layered with a sick baseline. Her new track ‘Patterns Unwrap’ is a combination of verbose rap lyrics and a Hilltop Hoods-like underline of good vocals and two-step beat.

Nosaj Thing is a rapper pushing experimental boundaries; blending soul, funk, electro and spoken-word. His new song ‘Cold Stares’ sees him teaming up with Chance the Rapper to make a fresh, intriguing new track.

A touch country, a touch folk and a whole lot of indie, Madeliene Brooks is a delicate and talented vocalist from the Central Coast. She’s an ethereal mix between Lisa Mitchell and Sarah Blasko. Her new track ‘Diamond Sheets’ is a clear example of her similarities to the two female gems.

This new track is coming from Null – another living being in electro-funk land. Null is Hayden Quinn from Melbourne, who recently signed to Siberia Records and has just released an EP called Almost. His stand-alone track ‘Dhash’ is a complete experimental banger.

Blue Horizon, a pyschadelic trip-rock band from Atlanta have been on the scene for a while. They’ve just released a new track, ‘King Colour’ which is a delve into the 70s. A solid trip-rock experience for your mind, body and ears.

Jemma Nott


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