5 Tracks You Gotta Hear: 8th July 2016

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[Sara went crazy this week writing about all the sik tunessss]

Illy is baaaaaaaaack! His new track ‘Papercuts’ featuring stunning vocals from Vera Blue is really next level, maybe the best track he has ever released. The electronic vibrations are so strong throughout the track it could almost stand alone, which could have something to do with M-PHAZES producing it, and we think this is what took the energy up a notch. Blue’s very folky tone and gorgeous falsetto notes really complimented Illy’s flowing raps, making the catchiness undeniable. Kind of has Drake vibes? Very American-esque although still has his signature Aussie drawl.

One of our faves Spaces has teamed up with Kazero and vocalist Sophie Meiers for the track ‘Nebulae’. The title of the track means (according to google), “a cloud of dust in outer space, visible in the night sky as an indistinct bright patch or as a dark silhouette against other luminous matter.” So, basically a galaxy, which is very suited as when listening to this, as it sounds distinctively futuristic and polished. It’s what you could imagine the soundtrack for outer space would sound like. We really like the vocals and how they compliment the instrumentals. The glimmering build-ups and let-downs really compel.

Brisbane’s Future Haunts have dropped their new single ‘Ipso Facto’, which is about “how small ideas can snowball into a mob mentality.” Upon first listen, their indie/post-rock vibes really enhance the songs potential. The tune is driven by its upbeat rhythmic quality whilst juxtaposed with its angst-filled and dreary melody. The guitar also is a completely vivid part of the tune; it kind of brings this 90s grunge vibe, acting as the icing on the cake. The sparse backing vocals also seem to add this ethereal underlying tone, really filling up the texture.

Remi’s new tune ‘Substance Therapy’ comes off of his forthcoming album Divas and Demons due out in September. This track and video seem to be the perfect teaser for what’s to come from Remi. It’s rather emotional as he expresses his personal thoughts and experiences regarding mental health and drug use. An example of a really strong and relatable lyric is, “Got too much pride to cry for assistance so I party all the time.” The fast paced raps really seem to represent his fast paced life, as does his running on the train track in the video; it all seems blurry and faded in the clip.

‘Our Town’, the new track by Sticky Fingers, really got us thinkin’ about home as they raid through local Sydney pubs and streets in the clip (very typical for stifi). We don’t think anything that this band produces will ever make us like them any less. In saying this, as usual ‘Our Town’ is such a mesmerising tune. It baffles us how they keep rolling out these hits. The 70s psychedelic vibes give off these completely carefree sensations, with some real ear-catching qualities. The backing vocals really add to these frequencies, not to mention the vocals and lyrics in general; rhythmic and wordy in the perfect way.

Sara Tamim


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