5 Tracks You Gotta Hear: 29th July 2016

Let Vulture Magazine lead the way to all your favourite tracks each and every week. Every Friday check in and feast your ears on all of the newest most hypnotising tunes by Aussie and international acts; hand picked just for you. With no shortage of bangers, you won’t be left disappointed.

HONNE have just released their debut album Warm On A Cold Night, which includes the banger of a track ‘Someone That Loves You’ featuring Izzy Bizu. This track really hypnotises from the beginning. The clip is stunning, with aesthetics and ideas of culture on display. The female vocals are raspy yet very clean, working well with the electronic background. The counterpart male vocals sound almost computerised, but watery and echoing making the track well thought about tonally. This track is so catchy; once played it’s hard to stop replaying it. The album, we’re sure is set to be just as amazing as this single.

The new music and art project by Perth native Kathryn Rollins called Onomoto has stunned us with the first single ‘Down In The Dark’. It is perfectly haunting and beautiful, a real texture-filled journey. Rollins’ vocal tone is strong and percussive matching the intensity in the piano based electronic sounds. Even in falsetto, her voice leaps flawlessly keeping the same strength and texture. This tune is also super catchy with its call and response tactics and harmonic layers, although quite slow- burning.

The track ‘New York, Paris’ by Slowly Slowly off of their latest EP Chamomile is a really stunning undiscovered gem. The strummed guitar, emotional lyrics and his interesting vocal tones and intonations make this ballad especially heartfelt. The tune carries a really ear-catching anecdote; it’s almost impossible to dislike this little short and sweet ditty. As the track continues and the drums kick in and the texture builds, the vocalist sings: “Some of us won’t make it to New York or Paris – I made my own at home.” In this intense moment of lyricism, we feel great meaning has been achieved.

Melbourne band garage-rock band ScotDrakula have just released their new single ‘Disintegrator’. This track circulates with signature 70s vibing guitar riffs and echoing, distant vocals. The repetitive qualities and eventual psychedelic dissonance and tempo change really make this track interesting, taking the listener on an interesting journey to the end. The pastiche quality to this track gives the band some potential, as well as the slight country twang to the sound, mixing genres seamlessly.

Hey! You know that band Sheppard? “Oohhh let me down easy!” well a member of the band Jay Bovino has come out with a new single called ‘Get You Alone’ featuring a Vulture favourite, Sahara Beck. If you listen to this tune, it sounds like a typical pop song, although the lyrics are honestly what seem to take the track to the next level. They’re hilarious! (But in the best way – lyric vid is attached). Within the repetitiveness, you can hear that signature Sheppard sound, although maybe with a little bit of a more groovy essence. We kind of love this track so give it a whirl.

Sara Tamim


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