5 Tracks You Gotta Hear: 28 May

5 Tracks You Gotta Hear is our weekly rundown of the best new songs released from Australia and around the world this week. Prepare your ears!

Buzz band is most definitely an understatement when talking about Best Coast. The duo of Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno are safely at the forefront of hazy, saltwater-soaked summer and tunes with a slightly dark, sometimes twisted subject matter. ‘Fear Of My Identity’ is their new single and we are treated to a fuller sounding and more mature Best Coast. You may have a fear of identity, but that’s cool, we’ll work it out together.

Welcome back from hibernation Lawrence Greenwood. Greenwood (aka Whitley) has emerged from the Amazon rainforest with a stunner of a new track ‘My Heart Is Not A Machine’. He’s definitely absorbed something brilliant during his South American solace, as this track is simplicity at it’s best. A simple drum loop, sweet, atmospheric guitar licks and some cracking guest vocals from Esther Holt all blend together for the perfect main course. We weren’t kidding about the Amazon either; he’s gone and filmed the video there. Classic Whitley.

There’s a fine line between teasing and torturing and we’re not quite sure which Boards Of Canada has done to us with their lengthy absence from our stereos. They’ve finally flattened any anxieties with the release of ‘Reach For The Dead’, the first track from upcoming Tomorrow’s Harvest. It’s a haunting, slow-building epic that really opens a window to what Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin have been up to in the seven years since their last release. Of course, the additional fun with Boards of Canada is the video, so gear up for some desolately beautiful scenery and nostalgic pangs as BoC do what they do best.

Did the earth move a little when it heard Matt Corby’s ‘Resolution’? Probably not, but it certainly moved tickets for his recent sell-out shows. He never really left, but ‘Resolution’ is proof of his staying power and pull as an artist.  A slow-burner mixed with emotional lyrics and that ‘the god’s are crazy’ voice that blasts through. Once again, he’s created a winner.

Record label Future Classic are supremely clued in when it comes to good music. Recent signing Touch Sensitive and his single ‘Pizza Guy’ just another fine example of stellar sounds. He’s sent us inter-galactic with an infectious and addictive beat and laid down some synthesisers circa 1984 to create one hell of a groovy jam. With a sound that’s reminiscent of French artist Kavinsky (definitely a good thing) the related video is a veritable who’s who of ballooning Aussie artists with Jagwar Ma, Van She, Chet Faker and Flume all making cameos. It’s also further proof that an 80’s throwback always goes down smooth.

Iain McKelvey


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