5 Tracks You Gotta Hear: 22nd July 2016

Let Vulture Magazine lead the way to all your favourite tracks each and every week. Every Friday check in and feast your ears on all of the newest most hypnotising tunes by Aussie and international acts; hand picked just for you. With no shortage of bangers, you won’t be left disappointed.

Byron Bay based trio Skegss, if you haven’t already heard, have just released their sophomore EP Everyone Is Good At Something. Going forward with the notion that “everyone is good at something”, Skegss are really good at making songs, their track ‘Mustang’ from the EP being one of our favourites here at Vulture. The band have really found there home within strumming guitars, catchy chord progressions and feel-good vibes. This track is exceptionally well crafted with vocal layering and call and response tactics. With these hypnotising anecdotes the tune is sure to be an even bigger hit when played live.

Another one of our young favourites JOY. has just dropped her new tune ‘Like Home’ as well as a killer video to match. After thrilling us with her About Us EP, she continues her signature sultry and sensual R&B vibes, whilst dazzling us further with her stunningly crafted lyrics within her electronically ambient, and beat-based backing. “I swore I’d let you go, but I don’t want to be alone” striked us as relatable, leaving listeners in a trance-like mind space, thinking of past experiences. This track is so gorgeous. Due to this emotional quality, JOY.’s maturity sours beyond her 18 years.

Emma Louise is back! Ahead of playing Splendour in the Grass, she’s released her new album Supercry in which her mellow, slow grooving track ‘West End Kids’ comes from. The tune is really simplistic, although gorgeous within this simplicity. Her lengthy sliding held notes really give the track a laid back, relaxed and repetitive essence. The lyric “Stay the same” reoccurs with echoes and harmonies over the top of the soft guitar and static electronic drum beats. We really love this one here at Vulture and can’t wait to explore the rest of her new album.

With the release of recent new tunes, Allday has been showing his listeners many new sides of himself, and the way he makes his music. Ironically his new single is called ‘Sides’ and the track also features NYNE. The new stuff he is releasing sounds more like American rap/hip-hop, and this is strongly evident here. The vocals seem quite computerised, as well as the musicianship; the repeated electronic riff, seems really generic. Allday’s rap itself is actually pretty great (as usual) although the essence of the track in general seems not as strong as his previously released tunes. With his album due to come out soon, it will be interesting to see how he has evolved.

Kacy Hill is another act you might be seeing at Splendour this year. After signing to Kanye West’s label, she has released her track ‘Lion’. This song is a real hidden gem. Her voice echoes almost like a choirgirl’s, although haunts with great intensity within the chorus; her tone continuing to be really interesting and unique throughout. The layering changes so drastically between verse and chorus, and at times it seems as if it is not even the same tune. The fusion of genres in this track is equally as mesmerising – a real Florence and the Machine comparison. We can’t wait to see her live at Splendour this year!

Sara Tamim


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