5 Tracks You Gotta Hear: 21st September 2015

A new song a day will keep the demons away. Let us here at Vulture provide you with the musical intervention to get you through the week.

Zhu is back with vengeance. After taking the dance world by the balls in 2014 with ‘Faded’, he has hit back with ‘Automatic’, an intelligent dark/pop dance anthem, that moves in all the right places. Recruiting AlunaGeorge, for a silky yet punchy vocal. If  this is a prelude for the rest of the album, excitement reigns.

Max Wonders dropped his debut ep this week. ‘You Will Never Find’ is an assortment of a young man’s thoughts, a zeitgeist to his 18 year old life from Chicago to LA. He is able to produce emotive tracks but still with an air of fun and swagger. ‘Party In The Hills’ demonstrates his flair and is just a

D A M N G O O D T I M E! The whole ep is worth a listen so..


An Australian duo to watch this year is Porsches.

#smoothasf&%k just doesn’t cut it, when it comes to Porsches new single ‘Karate’. It spreads over some 80s-esk slow funk electronica. It is made for the coming sundowns of summer.

Shoes off, drink in hand, dancing outside in the warm fading light.

Instrumental soul for your soul. What makes it oh so much sweeter is the inclusion of croon-star Chet Faker. The Cactus Channel boosts over ten band members ranging from a Baritone Saxophonist to an Organ/Percussionist. We all know what Chet sounds like but layered over this smooth mix of real people, playing instruments, ‘Kill The Doubt’ moves with grace and honestly. Do your soul a favour and have a listen.

Oshan. AKA Riley Wingfield’s is quoted on his soundcloud as “..just a guy who loves syntheizers”, which is evident in Oshan.’s new single ‘Dafty’. This song slips smoothly into the current electronic climate with a mix of glitch and floats, made by his either BBF or lover; the synthesizer. Special mention must go to Krue, whose vocal is sultry and elevates the track to some sort of snow-capped mountaintop.


always be drunk in love and what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger..

Tim Philippe


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