5 Tracks You Gotta Hear: 15th July 2016

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17-year-old starlet Mallrat has yet again stunned us with her new single ‘For Real’. With her Aussie twang raps and subtle hip-hop, she strikes us as a female version of Allday, as she shows a sort of colloquial maturity in her tunes, which sores beyond her years. Within the track, there is a playful quality and catchiness, which makes it such a hit. Her lyric “I hope we offend somebody” shows this. We really love Mallrat here at Vulture, and we bet you will too!

Om Collective’s new track ‘Luce De Dieu’ features the voice of yet another one of our faves at Vulture, Jacob Pearson (which you might know from his project P L G R M S). We feel like this tune is full of calming chaos, as the music really takes the listener on a journey through a somewhat magical land, seemingly some kind of manic pixie dream. Pearson’s voice especially enhances this path. In this track he expresses a kind of brooding subtly as he repeats, “don’t let her know I miss her”. The splashes of guitar and chorus-like vocal layerings really soothe. This track is such a masterpiece.

The band Palo Alto, named after the novel not the film, from West Melbourne really intrigued us from the get-go with their song ‘Betty & Mary & Dallas’. The track has these distinctive 80s vibes, especially once the hypnotic and glittering synth kicks in. The vocal tone is pretty mid-ground and ghostly whilst the synth, drumbeat and guitar riffs seem to take the foreground. This surprisingly really works for the tune, giving it a real strong sense of depth. Towards the end, the track goes on these sort of unusual tangents, although to finish returns to the catchy synth bringing the listeners some tangible resolution.

If you recall, we have been crushing on Kayex at Vulture. Their second single ‘Holland’ proved the perfect follow up to the duo’s debut ‘Two Songs’. The track flows around electronic frequencies that build up seamlessly around the repeated lyrics; an amazing ambience and substance to the track. For a newly formed band, their tune shows extreme potential, the kind that is really unavoidable. The soundscape fills out really nicely, the texture holding a rich and warm frequency, matching the vocalist’s velvety tone. We’re excited to see more to come from this promising duo.

BANKS is back with her single ‘Fuck With Myself’ off her forthcoming new album. She’s taken a new direction with this one, moving into the abstract feminist route, one that is comparable to FKA Twigs’ ventures. Her light and airy high vocals contrast her usual low and haunting vibrato, creating a light-hearted temperature. This song is effortlessly and contextually strong through its lyrics, making it a real empowering gem. The vocal layering, unique intonation, repeated electronic beats and ambient bridge instrumentals really create this amazingly superior tune. This track can be wholly described with one word – addictive.

Sara Tamim


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