360 @ The Hi-Fi Melbourne

Things we already knew about 360 before going to his gig at the Hi Fi bar in Melbourne on Thursday night:

1. He made a controversial YouTube video dissing Aussie ‘emo’ band Short Stack, calling them cunts

2. He is half blind in his right eye

3. He was in a go-karting accident last year, where his scrotum was apparently ripped open.

Needless to say, he kinda seemed like a bit of a mixed bag to us.

Judging by the fact that he sold out two shows at the Hi Fi and there was already a line around the block waiting to get through the doors at 7.30pm there is definitely something about the bloke that people dig.

The thing is, as The Vulture was standing there making snide remarks about how tall and skinny 360 is and how opening act Bam Bam shouldn’t be allowed on stage wearing red jeans and red vans, 360 surprised the semen out of us and put on a pretty enjoyable show.

The set kicked off with ‘Killer’ and he had the crowd singing along to ‘Child’, he also threw in some ‘mix tape’ songs for his die-hard fans. Surprise guest (not really that surprising because it happens at almost every gig) Gossling sung with him for ‘Boys Like You’, the song about losing his best friend and girlfriend which could be the number 4 thing we knew about 360, his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend.

He talked to the crowd loads and got everyone involved with the usual Hip Hop ‘raise your arm up and down thing’. And The Vulture has to admit, the beats to his songs are pretty catchy, although categorically speaking his music is more pop meets dub step than hip hop which is possibly why he has broken into the mainstream market. His lyrics however are not the sort that you’d play to your Mum – they have a tendency to be on the crude side.

So here’s what we learnt from our evening of skip hop at the Hi-Fi: 360 as a person seems like a bit of a D-Bag but his music is something worth checking out. However being slightly blind in one eye has clearly blurred the fact that his lyrics are really not that great. Although if you catch yourself dancing to a few songs, he must be doing something right, right?

Photographs for this event were supplied by the ever talented Gregoire Zimmermann and you can find more of his work here

Alex Fitzpatrick


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